“Support Our Stars” at Weston Corbett & Patrick, Hampshire

Grant - £12,000

ST Lawrence’s Church at Weston Patrick in Hampshire was re-built in 1868 to a design by the celebrated Victorian architect Thomas Henry Wyatt, who lived in the parish and is buried in the churchyard. Originally, the east wall of the church was highly decorated with tiles and paintwork, and the chancel ceiling was covered with 1,200 small gold stars. By the late 1920s, high Victorian decoration was considered unfashionable and the east wall decoration was painted out and a wooden altar screen built to cover the tile work. The stars lasted about 100 years; they were re-done badly in 1960, and in 1991 a decision was made to paint them out. The current project seeks to re-introduce the fine original decorative detail as intended by the architect. The work will be undertaken by specialist church decorators.




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