WE are an energy company with a primary focus on gas storage using depleted onshore oil and gas reservoirs. Founded in 1999, we are also the UK’s second largest onshore oil producer and we generate electricity. Our operations are focused on two key areas: the Weald basin of Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex; and the East Midlands oilfields around Lincoln and Gainsborough. We employ over 150 people and have turnover in excess of £50 million. Information about the company is available from our website.

We set up the Star Energy Community Fund because we recognise that, in helping to satisfy society’s energy needs, our activities have the potential to affect our neighbours. We accept the responsibility to minimise those impacts and to operate in a socially and environmentally acceptable manner. But we also recognise that a good corporate neighbour is one who contributes to the wider well being of the community. The fund is a practical way of providing such support.